Unexpected Day at Home…….

Erik is home sick today, so I am home.   I hope to get alot of things done around the house since this weekend we had to run so many errands. 

I did finish a book on tape last night…..very good…I had to finish it!

Puppet – Joy Feilding – (4.5/5)

Hubby and I got groceries for the next week and spent less than $40.00 for the week.  That was very good!!!


MONDAY – Marinated Chicken and Pasta Salad

TUESDAY – Little Chicks/Tater Tots and Veggie


THURSDAY – Lasagna/ Bread Sticks

FRIDAY – Peppy Pizza Pasta / Salad/Bread



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  1. hey, I got your LJ comment. Thanks. I have my journal set to friends only because I don’t want certain other ppl to be able to read it, since I discuss step-parenting and issues involving the kids etc. You can get a free account if you are interested.

  2. how did you only spend 40? that is awesome! and i hope your erik gets better soon. my eric threw a fit today because we went to rita’s italian ices and i didn’t get his in a cone. he was about to wear the darn thing. if it had been hot out i would have dumped it on his head!

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