We were out and did alot of shopping today.  Definitely not my favorite thing to do!  But had to be done.  First stop was CVS Drugs to pick up everyones perscriptions.   Hubby needed to start his antibiotics and pain pills for his tooth. 

Next Stop…..the library.  The funny thing is the drug store and the library are two of the places in town where I am known by name..LOL!!   Guess you know where I spend my time and money!  We rented a few movies from the library and I got a couple more books on cd to put on my MP3 player. 

Then we headed to the bread thrift store.   Then off to Toys R Us to buy a bigger bike for Tommy.  They had a 16 inch on sale for $30.00.    He really likes it!   Then we went shopping for luggage.  OH MY was that an event.  I have never looked at so much luggage in my life.  If you have a trip coming up it is the time to buy luggage.   Both JCPenny, and Kohls had 50% off.   We looked at alot and ended up with a great deal!  You know me and the deals!!!   I will track them down!   We found a 6 piece set of luggage on clearance, normally $300.00, marked down to 99.99 and then we had a $20.00 off coupon.   So we bought two sets.  So we got $600.00 of luggage for $160.00.   Great deal!!  They are all wheeled, which will make it easier to get through the airports!

Then we went to Target and got a few things we needed, cleaning supplie and light bulbs.   Nothing too exciting!  Unfortunately Tommy fell asleep on the way home and slept until after 8:00.  ARGH!!!   He is wide awake now and I am ready to go to sleep.  Not a good thing!

I should still make my menu and shopping list, but I spent a lot of the evening listening to my book on tape and talked to my bro on the phone.  I do need to get groceries sometime tomorrow!

TOMORROW –  We have church in the morning and then I would like to go to Barnes and Noble to see Jodi Picoult an author I really enjoy.  I also need to find our summer clothes and start packing and get groceries.  Looks like another busy day!

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  1. Great deal on the luggage!
    RYC: I found out yesterday that our public library does have books online that I can download, it’s not the same system as the one you use, but they seem to have a nice selection. Thanks for the info, I probably never would have thought to check out the library website!

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