So glad the weekend is here….I have a lot to do this weekend to get ready for leaving next weekend for Florida.  Next week I am at the MSSA (MN Social Services Assoc) Conference Wed -Friday.  Then Sunday we leave for Florida.  

Josh and Amy at Red Lobster for their Anniversary.  Amy’s mom decorated.

Tommy at Matt’s Birthday Party on Wednesday.  This big slide was his favorite!

Opening presents at the party.  Tommy is next to the lady in dark shirt.  He is wearing a tan henley.   Next to him is the birthday boy, Matt. 

Thursday – Chore night.  Tommy wants so badly to do chores and get allowance like the older two boys.  So I told him he could have 2 quarters for helping Momma with her chores.  He said “No I want 5 pennies!!”  Ok, five pennies it is!  He mopped the kitchen and both bathrooms.  I tried to do it over after him, but he really didn’t like that. 

This Weekend on the Agenda

  • Look at the bikes on sale for $30.00 at Toys R Us for Tommy – DONE

  • Buy Luggage for our Trip -DONE

  • Target for cleaning supplies -DONE

  • Go To Library -DONE

  • Get summer clothes out for trip and see if I need to buy anything more!

  • Change Xanga Decor – DONE

  • Finish paying bills and update budget – DONE

  • Make Menu/Grocery List – DONE

  • Buy Groceries -DONE

Still Enjoying……

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