Hello – Not much to blog about again.  I am just in a mood I guess and busy.   I am at the library right now in between homevisits.  I stop at the libraries in our county to check my work email in between visits to see if anything needs my attention.   I will not be going to my office at all today.  It is about 12:30 and I have two more homevisits yet today.  

I have really been enjoying the Book on Tape I am listening to…Puppet by Joy Fielding.   I have listened to alot of it today as I drive.  Next week I am driving to Duluth for work so will be able to listen to more! 

Nothing much planned for the weekend.  I need to start planning for our trip to Florida on the 26th.  I need to get our summer clothes out and make sure we have things that fit. 

I have tried a few new recipes this week and will share them hopefully this weekend.  Have a great weekend!!

BTW – This is a medical update for my Mom!  Sorry I haven’t called, but I saw the OB and he checked the results of my x-rays and they don’t think my back is fractured.  They did discover that I have kidney stone.  Yeah…just another added bonus to discover I guess.   I switched to birth control that has estrogen to help build my bones.  hmmm…I think that is all that is new lately.   The OB did say my hips have very severe osteoporosis and I really need to watch that I don’t fall as I will break my hip.  That has been interesting considering out icy it has been this week.  You would think I was 100 years old. 

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  1. Ditto on your reading comment…I’ve found many books through your site.  I’m glad you’re taking some other meds to help build up your calcium…how scary!

    The Sisterchicks books are pure fluff BUT knowing that, they’re a lot of fun.  They’re some of the few books that I’ll buy new these days because they’re decent as well as just fun. 

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