Back To Work….

MY back is really hurting today….YIKES!!!  Luckily I am only working a normal day.  

YESTERDAY – my appointment with the gastroenterologist went fine.  He wanted to do another test and I don’t really see the reason as being that important so I said no, unless my pulmologist requires it.  Enough already people!  I did the EGD, that is enough.  I continue on my stomanch meds as ordered.  Easy enough…and I don’t have to see him again unless my pulmologist orders the other test. 

Then home ao lay down as my back is really hurting alot!  I laid on the heating pad and watched part of Dr Phil and Oprah.   When hubby came home the phone calls started.  A couple of the boys on the street have been bullying another child and it was a big blow out.  Hubby had a discussion with both the boys and then the calls from their parents started.  A good three hours worth….argh…..

I quickly made my menu/shoppping list.   We then ran quickly to Cub and got the last of the groceries and came home and went to bed.  

TODAY – Hubby has a Dr appointment and I told him he needed to go on his own.   Erik doesn’t have school so he is at my SIL’s with Tommy.   Not much else exciting going on.  Really looking forward ot the weekend and resting up a bit.  I can’t wait until these withdrawal syptoms are gone!!!


THURS – Creamy Ranch Pork Chops/ Rice/ Veggie
FRI- Cheeseburger Pie/Veggie
SAT- Scalloped Pots and Ham (Crockpot)
SUNDAY – Cheeseburger Soup
TUES – Little Chicks/Tater Tots/Veggie

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