Tommy’s Conferences…

Tommy is doing great.  He is ready for Kindergarten the teachers says…LOL!!  Well he has another year of preschool before he is old enough to go to Kindergarten.  We are so happy with what two years of preschool has given him.  Those early childhood years are the most crucial in a child development.  Skimp on those and it will affect them forever.    So he will have the same teacher for preschool next year and she will be focusing on more kindergarten skills with them. 

I asked her if she had been working on counting backwards.  She said no….so I am not sure where he got that from.  She said he is just very observant.   Miss Rene has been a great teacher for Tommy, we are so glad she will have him next year. 

A couple of things we will be working on in the next year.  He needs to zip his coat.  I have been doing it for him…ooops!!   He needs to write his last name too.  He can but doesn’t always.  He gets a couple of the teens mixed up when IDing numbers.  

Gotta love a great conference like that!  It sure makes my hubby happy.  Well I am off to my last Dr appointment of the day.  Later!

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