Monday is always an overwhleming day.  My mail box and voicemail is always overflowing at work. Today is no difference.   I will be working a bit late since I had to take the younger two boys to the Dr this morning.  We all had rapid strep tests, which were negative.  Hopefully that means we caught Josh’s early enough that no one else caught it.   Erik had a bit of a red throat and I have a red and swollen throat.  They will do the over night culture and let us know tomorrow the final verdict.  

I love my job but today I was asked to participate in a panel discussion on tranistion services for children with autism.   Easy enough, but I HATE public speaking!   Yeah….you would think I would love to be paid to run at the mouth in front of a captive audience, but NO!    I know I have to start doing more of these, I usually turn them down or geta co-worker to do it.  You can’t give me a big enough stipend to do it!   But I decided I need to start accepting these invitations to speak.  I have a pretty good idea as to which parent on my caseload gave my name…LOL!!  I am getting a bit too well known in the local autism groups.  So I get to chat to probably 100 people or so…..just a friendly little chat, right??    I got one of my friends to do the chat about tranisiton from the perspective of a social worker that works with adults.   That makes me more comfortable.  She was so gracious!  She actually said she likes doing this kind of thing. 

Can you believe tomorrow is Valentine’s Day???   I should work late tomorrow since I have a Dr appointment.  Hmm…we will see.  I was thinking of getting Papa John’s Heart Pizzas and surprising the family.  We will see…….I should work though….hmmm…decisions, decision…I guess it depends on how much I get done tonight.   I guess I better get going on that!   Later!!

BTW- Weight Watchers – weigh in I was up .4 of a pound.  ARgh…wrong way scale!    And I did really good most of the week….it was the darn weekend. 

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