Pretty good nights sleep for once.   I did hear Josh come in after hanging out with friends for a bit last night.   This morning we are off to have our taxes done.   I can’t wait to get that out of the way.  The rest of the afternoon I will be starting on Josh’s School Days Scrapbook.   I bought a small photo printer that goes with my digital camera.   It is nice and prints well.  I will be able to take my laptop and printer to the hotel when I go for the conference.   Very cool!    It will make scrapbooking easier.   I have four years of photos that I haven’t printed.   Many photo projects to do.

Tommy and I are going out to the movie this afternoon.  We are going to see Curious George.   He is very excited.  I think this will be the third movie he has seen in his life.  That is all we have planned for today. 

Tomorrow I agreed to babysit my neice most of the day.  I am off to wake up Josh so he can watch Tommy and Erik for us.   Have a great day!

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