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Time has gotten away from me again.   I haven’t blogged since Tuesday really.  Hmmm….I did type up a post on Wednesday but it got ate, so I gave up. 

WEDNESDAY – cleaned up around the house a bit in the morning and then off to the dentist to get some fillings done.  ARGH….I hate going to the dentist.  He didn’t feel I could keep my mouth open wide enough for him, so he used a prop to keep it open.  OUCH…my jaw muscles were so sore all night.   I didn’t go to church for supper with the kids since I dcouldn’t eat too well.  I would have been drolling my food down the front of me.   It sure took a long time for the novacaine to wear off.   So I spent the evening with Tommy, reading and getting caught up on my bible reading as well.  We were in bed early and fast asleep.

THURSDAY – I was suppose to be home early from work, but I couldn’t get into my van.  I had my van washed on Wednesday and it must have gotten some moisture in the lock and it froze.   So I had to hunt around work for someone who had some de-icer.   That made me about 45 minutes late for leaving work.   I raced home and made Broccolli and Cheese soup and some rolls.   I didn’t get to have any supper as I was off to a community education class on making a School Days Scrapbook.   I am all excited to get started on Josh’s scrap book for his graduation.   I can’t wait!  After Josh’s I will start on Erik’s.  The sad part is we don’t have any baby or early childhood pics hardly of Erik with his Dad or anything.   Erik’s mother kept all those so hubby has few memories of that time with Erik.  He missed out on so much.  Once I came into their lives, we have picutres!!  You know me!  But hubby has a huge amount of pics and memories with Tommy.  I am so glad I could give that to him! Though it will never make up for what my hubby lost.  But I think I can pull together a pretty good scrapbook for them.  I think it will mean alot to my hubby.   But first I have to get Josh’s done and start Tommy’s!

TODAY…..Stopped at Wlamart before work to buy De-icer for my locks so I could lock the doors at work.  I also picked up a couple of scrapbooking things I wanted.  Josh and Amy are goign to work on a scrapbook of their own so they can use my supplies as well.  The rest of the day consists of working and then going home to work on Josh’s scrapbook.  He actually said he would help me with it this weekend.     He has alot of pictures and things in his room I can scan and include.  He is a good boy!   As i scan all these pics I will get them ready to use in his CD movie of his life that we will be playing at the Graduation party.   I made one for my hubby’s 40th Birthday and helped make one for a friend’s sons graduation last year.   So we are getting started on our graduation projects.   I also need to finish painting my living room and dining room, since they are only 1/2 done.   SO much to do……………

LATER!  Lunch it over………..time to get back to work!

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