Last day of January, can you believe it??  ARGH….sometime I wish our life would slow down some.  Tonight I work until 7:00 or so and then I will be home.  YEAH!!

I realized just last night that I need to run to Red Wing today.  I am hoping I can stop and see my friend Deb for a minute or two if she isn’t off having that baby!    I will call her this afternoon to see if that will work.  Tommy found a litle toy in his room he wants me to give to the baby so I thought I would drop it off.  

I should be pretty busy today.   I am going to finish my book on tape today since i only have 5 minutes left on it and start a new one!    

Erik has a Dentist Appointment tonight.  I hope hubby remembers to take him. 


I only have to work for 3 hours on Wednesday so I will be doing things around the house in the morning and getting groceries and of course go to the mall and walk a few miles.   I need to keep at that.   My energy level is really draining.   I knew to expect this, but it is hard since I always have so much energy.  But the energy was because I took so much steriods.   So the Dr said that I would experience this as I taper off my medication.   But I am trying to keep on top of things even though I don’t ahve the energy.   It jsut really hit me last night!  A 12 hour day at work is usually nothing to me…but I came home last night and went right to bed. 

I need to run and finish getting ready for work and get Tommy up and ready for school.   I need to get up earlier in the morning since I haven’t been able to fit all my morning routine in lately.   I need to work on that, but I am so tired!

Have a great Day!!!!

2 thoughts on “TUESDAY…..

  1. It is hard to believe that it’s the end of January.  Sometimes I can’t figure out what season it is, much less what day of the month.  LOL!

    I’m sorry you’re feeling drained…I hope you feel better soon, or at least regain some of your energy once the steroids have made their way through the system.

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