Knocking on the screen????   Is anyone reading this?  I always wonder when my comments go so low is anyone even reading this??  Is my life just not blog worthy.   Well I do this more for myself than anyone else so…..I type and type…..never knowing if anyone is reading! 


Work went fine….got a few things done and went to another Parent Teacher Conference.   I love going to conferences.    Then I went to book group!   It was a blast!!    We had a full house almost.  One of the members is still on vacation in Florida.  But otherwise everyone was there.   We laughed…and laughed…..did it ever feel great!!   I really needed that.  

We discussed the book Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble.  I really enjoyed that book.  the characters are well developed and you really care about them.  I could relate to a number of them.  I could relate to the young girl who got pregnant since I was pregnant with Josh at age 16.   I could relate to Clare the woman dealing with infertility.  I dealt with that for 7 years until we had Tommy.   What a miracle!

Book Group started at about 6:30 and I didn’t leave St Paul until after 10:00.   I came home and curled up in bed with Tommy and hubby.  Tommy told me about his field trip and was asleep very quickly. 

Hubby and I discussed the information hubby brought home from the Open House about NI Magnuson School.   I think we are in agreement that he will go to school there for as long as we can afford it.  The church plans are to add one grade a year through Middle School.  Once Tommy starts there, he will be the 5th Kindergarten class going through the school.  It would have been a harder decision if it was still a brand new school still, but after 4 years they should know what they are doing with Kindergarten.  If you would have told me 5 years ago I was going to put my child in a Christian School I would have laughed, now I couldn’t imagine sending him anywhere else.    I think it is the right decision for Tommy and our family.  I wish I could have given that type of opportunity to Josh, but I was very young and didn’t have much money.  But I spent alot of time with him and worked on skills at home and read to him a lot!   And for Erik we didn’t have the choice since he didn’t live with us.   It would have made a world of difference with him though.  As you can tell this is on my mind right now, so I am sure I will blab about it alot for a bit. 


 I am off to work and then I am coming home and need to finish cleaning Tommys room.  My parents are coming and my Dad sleeps in Tom’s bed when they stay.   Someday we will finish our basement and have a guest room.   That could be a long time though.  We are hoping to get the electric done so we can move Erik’s room besides ours and increase his supervision.   It will make our lives much easier.   My hubby needs to find out where you go to get a permit for the work and then we can get started.   I am very anxious to get that done!   

Erik just headed to the bus so I need to get ready and get out of here.  Have a great day!!  



Million Little Pieces – James Fry
Wonder Spot – Melissa Bank (TAPE)

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  1. I feel the same way, Jen, then I have to remind myself that part of my blog is therapy, not necessarily for public approval.  Maybe it’s just a busy week.  I know I’ve been busier this week than usual.  I do enjoy your book reviews.  I get quite a few ideas from what to read from your blog.

    I hope you have a good Friday and an excellent weekend!

  2. Hey, I’m still here, too.  Just haven’t made it “around the bend” lately!  I have too many subscriptions…yeah, yeah…blah, blah, blah!

    The book club sounds like fun!  I LOVE to read and make time for it every once and again!


  3. I don’t get here as often as I should … Life gets really busy… When I read your blog I am always blessed…

    Have a wonderful day… Thanks for sharing…


  4. I feel that way too at times…but I know that my blogging gets a lot of stuff off my chest, and is quite theraputic on certain days.

    I enjoy your writings very much….but I know that we’re all busy and don’t get the opportunity to comment like we should. But do know you have a loyal reader here, maybe just not a loyal commenter!

    Take Care!

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