Hello everyone……hope everyone is having a great day!   It is a nice day here in MN so am enjoying the warmer temps. 


I did get a fair amount of things done yesterday, but as always not as much as I planned.   It took me longer than planned to clean up the kitchen.  My sweet children haven’t been doing their dishes when I work late.   So I ended up doing them since I couldn’t stand it anymore!   I also took the fridge apart and washed it out.  Someone spilt something and didn’t think to wipe it up. 

After cleaning up the kitchen I had to work for a bit.  I completed two reports and put some more books on tape onto my MP3 player.  I now have it full.  I was able to put 7 books on there!  Very cool!  I just started listening to a new one last night.  

Then we headed to church and had supper.  The kids went to confirmation and we headed home with Tommy.   I really don’t like not having a class to be in on Wed night.  I wish they would have something, but Tommy won’t stay in the nursery anyway.  So we went home and Tommy and I cuddled and watched a Scooby Doo Movie.    Hubby went to pick up Erik form confirmation and I went to Church to attend the parent meeting for Josh’s Mission Trip.  He is going on his last Mission Trip.  He will be going to Chalias Maine.   I have always wanted to go to that area of the states.   It is a more expensive trip this year for some reason.  The church pays for $100.00 of it and he will need to fund raise at least $180 and we have to pay for the rest.     It is always a great experience for him.  They will be painting houses a gain and holding Kids Club for the local children.  

Then it was back home and herded everyone off to bed.   Tommy refused to wear a pull-up last night so we tried not wearing one again.  He stayed dry.  


Tommy needed to be at school early this morning.  He is going to the Health Club to exercise as the preschool is doing a unit on healthy bodies.   He was a little nervous about going on the bus, but did separate from me after a little bit.  

I am working until 6:00 tonight and then going to a friends house for Book Group.  I love Book Group!   It is the one night I really look forward to each month.  I wasn’t able to attend last month since Tommy had his Christmas Program so I didn’t want to miss this month too. 

Hubby is going to the Open House tonight for NI Magnuson School.  This is the parochial school we are considering sending Tommy to for Kindergarten.   He will have to go another year of preschool next year due to his late birthday.  He will go there three days a week though.  Then if he goes to Magnuson he will go to full day kindergarten.   They have alot of extra things in their curriculum like computers, Spanish, piano lessons and of course religion.  The tuition this next year is less than what we pay for daycare a month right now.  While it would be nice to have that money to pay off other things, but our #1 priority is our children’s education.  So we will just put the daycare money towards parochial school if we decide to go that way.  The class size is guaranteed to be smaller in the private school and I really want that for Tommy.  He is a very smart child and I want to give him the best opportunity as possible.  We had Josh in the gift program in the public school when he was little and it really didn’t meet his needs.   Tommy is smart like Josh, but very motivated to learn as well, which Josh wasn’t.  It is so amazing watching this little one grow up.   He is a true joy to my hubby and I.   Luckily for me, my hubby is 100% behind finding the best school for Tommy.  We are also going to look at Center Point a public school that offers a more individualized educational program.   I am so excited about being able to provide Tommy with these opportunities.  I truly believe that everything you do early childhood education wise, pays off in spade in the future.  It makes a world of difference!!  


FRIDAY!!!!  I am working and then heading home to get the house cleaned up a bit and read.  I want to finish my current book so I can give it to my mom.   My parents are coming to visit on Saturday to celebrate Christmas and my birthday with us. 

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