I sure stay busy when I am at home.    No difference today!

This morning I have:

Took Tommy to Preschool
Tidy Living Room – vacuum/Dust/Pickup
Tidy Kitchen – Sweep/Clear Counter
Tidy Dining Room – put clean clothes away/go through mail
Tidy Bathroom – Clean Counter/Toilet – Took everything out of one drawer and cleaned it out!

Then went to the Pulmonoligist for appointment. – She is happy with my progress.  My chronic cough seems to be better and we are continuing to decrease my predisone.   I will be down to 20/15 alternative days.   I will see her again in 6 weeks to see how I am doing.  

Just got home and have set the timer for 30 minutes to have lunch and relax a bit.   I  work so much better with a timer!   I even have hubby using it for laundry when he is doing it!   It helps keep him on task.   I would be lost without my timer. 

Afternoon TO DO –
Laundry – 2 more loads DONE
Read for 30 minutes – DONE
Check Work Voice Mail
Write Two Reports for work from 1:30 to 3:30 or so – DONE
3:30 – Go To Dr Appointment with Hubby 

That will the rest of my day!   Tonight for supper we are having crab alfredo, one of the children’s favorite meals.   I am not sure if I have pasta or not.  I will have to look.  


Erik homework and 1 hour history day project – DONE
Weekly Chores – DONE
Pay bills/Budget
Tommy Bath -DONE
Read – DONE

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  1. Happy Belated B-day Jenny!!  Looks like your as busy as ever.  Keep inspiring us all with your ability to get it all done!  …Deb

  2. Looks like you’ve already got a lot done.  I’ve been sort of lazy today.  I have sauerkraut, apple sauce and kielbasa in the crock pot.  Didn’t feel like cooking tonight.  That’ll take care of it.

    Have a good day.  God bless you,


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