My last day off of work.  Tomorrow I have to drive to Duluth for a meeting and will be there all day!    I will get to listen to my book on tape alot at least.  


After my DEXA Scan I stopped at Walmart to buy brown chruch shoes for Tommy.  He had out grown his.   I always make sure my kids have brown and black shoes and pants for church each year.   Then we mix and match shirts the best we can.  Then I picked up a Sierra Turkey Sandwhich from Panera.  YUMMY!!   I only get to have those about once or twice a year so that was a real treat for my birthday!   Then I came home and decided not to work on reports.   I read my book and worked on changing my blog decor.  

Since hubby and I both had ate lunch so late we sent the older two boys to church for supper and stayed home with Tommy.   Since we dont’ have a class right now we have been doing things with Tommy while the others are gone.   We watch a movie or play a game with him.  I watched American Ideal and played on my laptop while Tommy and hubby made my birthday cake.   It was a nice relaxing night. 

The older boys came home and we had cake and Erik had to finish up some homework.  Tommy and I went to bed around 8:30 or so.  I read and he colored for a bit.   I am really enjoying my book.  I am reading Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble.  Very Good… really get to know and care about he characters.   I am sure I will get it done by book group next week.   I will probably finish this weekend.  


Not much planned.  I won’t be able to mall walk today since I have to take Tommy to preschool and then I have an appointment with the pulmnologist.  Hubby has a Dr appointment at 4:00 and he always wants me to go with him too.   In between all that I have to do laundry and write two reports.   I would like to read a bit too…..


  • Reschedule Erik’s Ortho Appt


  • Pick Up A Bit of Each Room – DONE
  • Laundry  – 3 Loads DONE
  • Weekly Cleaning – Mine DONE
  • One Drawer of Tom’s Dresser
  • Do Neilson Survey- DONE


  • Check Work Voice Mail
  • Write 2 ISP’s

Get Organized Tip of the Day:

____ January 19 Watch one of the movies in your video/DVD collection, even if you’ve seen it before. If possible, watch it with someone who hasn’t seen it yet.

Flylady Mission of The Day:

As we are headed in to cold and flu season I want you to take 15 minutes to wipe down your door knobs, light switches and phones in your home. As many of them as you can accomplish in 15 minutes.  


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