Ok…time to get some work done here soon!  I dropped Tommy off at preschool and hubby will be picking him up.  I went to the mall and walked 3 miles.  I did an extra mile since I didn’t walk yesterday.   Then I stopped off at OfficeMax to get a phone message book.  Now I am home and having a little snack before I pick up for an hour! 

I am listening to a book on my MP3 player while I walk…gee I love that!! Hubby thinks of the greatest gifts!!!   I am listening to Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.  I downloaded it from the Dakota Cty library website last night.  That is way cool too!  I can check out a book on tape at anytime, night or day and down load to my player.  VERY VERY cool!     Can you tell I like my new toy!

Off to straighten up a bit.    15 minutes room for 1 hour and then working the rest of the day!  Later!!

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