Life Just Get Away from You Sometimes…………..

Ok, I have to do an entry or my mom will be calling to see if I am ok.  LOL!!   I ‘m fine mother!  I have three kids and we are always busy!  I have a hard time finding time to blog anymore.  Plus I have this thing that takes up some of my time called a job!  ARGH!!  I sure wish we were in a place where I wouldn’t have to work.  But no such luck!

Let’s See……TUESDAY

I worked in the am after dropping off Tommy at Preschool.  I LOVE that my job is so flexible that I can take my baby to preschool every week.   He is doing great there and separates fine from me now.  In the late afternoon I had a Dr’s appointment.  I have taken my health care into my own hands and fired my allergist, well at least quite seeing him!  I saw an endocrinologist on Tuesday to see if I have experienced any bone loss due to my prolong use of steroids.   This is more preventative so that if loss is occurring they can give me medication to address the issue.  So they did some lab work to check my calcium and vit d levels, etc.    I also will have a DEXA Scan (bone scan) on my birthday next week.  OH Joy…….hopefully it doesn’t take too long as I have better things to do with my day off on my birthday!


I worked a little later than I thought I would.  I had an IEP meeting go long!   So I raced home and we headed to church.   We had parent check in for confirmation and Erik is doing well.  

Josh got his car back as well.  He is a happy boy and his parents are much poorer.   Oh well….it really is so much easier having three cars.   Now hubby doesn’t have to rush home so Josh can use his car to get to work.  

After Church I came home and Tommy and I played some computer games.   We headed to bed early and I actually got Tommy settled down and asleep before 10:00.  


Headed to work after taking Tommy to preschool – hubby will pick him up.   My 12:00 appointment canceled so I was able to run a few errands over lunch.  I stopped at the bank to get allowance for the boys, pick up hubby’s books at library and bought stamps.  

After work I am meeting hubby and Tommy at the ECFE office to have Tommys’ preschool screening done.  I am pretty sure he will do fine, but I am not sure what they expect of him.   I hope he won’t be too shy.   I hope to stop off at home before going and throw some potatoes into the oven to bake.   We are having stuffed potatoes tonight for supper.  

Tonight is chore night so the boys, hubby and I will get the house all cleaned up.   I also have to pay bills as tomorrow is pay day.  That is the excitement for us this evening.  WOO HOO! 

I still have to finish writing my Goals for 2006!  I have been doing really well with reading my bible each morning. I am currently reading Job.  That is also why I don’t blog.  I don’t let myself go on the computer until I am done with my daily reading,  I run out of time alot!   I have been having trouble getting out of bed on time!

I hope to get some walking in this weekend so hopefully next weeks weigh in will be another loss.   Well time to get back to work. 

Have a great day!

Get Organized Tip:

January 12 Organize all tools–screwdrivers, hammers, etc.–into tool boxes or onto a pegboard.

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