Look at this…an entry two days in a row!!  WOW!!  I have a few minutes before leaving my office for the day.  I have homevisits scheduled for the rest of the day so I will be on the road and out of the office.  


Tommy did GREAT at his preschool screening.   I thought he would have trouble separating from me to go have the testing, but he went with the teacher very easily.  YEAH TOMMY!  She met with us to discuss his results.  He needed to score 21 and he scored 29 and only missed two questions.  She said how polite and well behaved he is.   SHe said she hope all the kids were Tommy the rest of the night.  AAAAH…..he is a smart cookie! 

He can’t start Kindergarten until 2007 so we have a year to figure out where he will be going to school.   We are planning on going to informational night at NI Magnuson Christian School.  He might go there since it is a full day Kindergarten and offers all core subjects, plus Phy Ed, Music, Spanish, Computer, Piano Lessons, and Chapel and Bible Lessons.  He is a pretty smart kid and I would like him exposed to more things.  Plus their class size is limited to only 20 students.   Now to tweek the budget to swing the tuition payment.  But since we won’t have daycare expenses we will just pay for school instead.  The cost is close in comparison. 

I can’t believe it, I am planning for my baby to go to Kindergarten and my oldest to graduate and start college.  Boy do I love my boys!  It is funny we were at a party and some friends were talking about how there kids will be 18 in 36 months and out of the house.  I never think like that!   I dread my Josh leaving home…I love having him around. 

TOnight I am going to an ogranizing class at church.  It is funny one of my friends said, “you could teach that class why are you going”.  DUH, that is why I am so organized.  It didn’t come naturally, just ask my mom!!  You should have seen my room as a kid or even my house in my first marriage.  I just kept striving to do better and learn more.  

We have a 3-day weekend with not much planned. YEAH!!  

Well I gotta run and get on the road!   Have a great day!

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  1. Sniff sniff…no one misses me when I’m gone. 

    Isn’t it wild how the world works?  I’d never have thought that I’d have children 12 years apart.  After my mom had my sister when I was 14, I vowed never to do that to my children.  Real life is such a pip!

    I hope y’all have a good weekend!

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