Sleepless Night Put to Good Use…….

I refuse anymore to lay in bed and toss if I can’t sleep.   If I forget to take my asthma meds early enough I can’t sleep.  Of course today I forgot to take them until WAY late…so I have been awake since about 1:00.   This will totally mess my day up tomorrow, but I got up and decided I would work on some things since I was wake! 

This time of year I always get the declutter and organizing bug.   That is a lot of what I have been doing all week.   I totally cleaned our bedroom and kitchen.   I wiped out all the cupboards and reorganized them.  They really needed it.  

Yesterday (Sunday) – I handled most of the paperwork stuff for the year.   I shredded the bills from last year and went through the filing.   I set up my taxes folder so that as things come in the mail I will put them there so we are prepared to do our taxes very early in February. 

During my little insomnia episode here, I have updated my flylady stuff.   I need to have a lot of list and things to stay organized.   I am a huge list maker.  This really works for me and I really juggle a lot of things.  

I made a new form to use this year,  A Monthly To Do Form.   This way I can jot down notes of things I want to get done for that month.  Sort of Goals for the month.   I added to the form the Birthdays for that month and my list of Monthly Routines I already have listed.  I also updated my Routines – Morning, Bedtime, Weekly Plan and Monthly.   I feel like I am trying to start the year off on the right foot and get back on the flylady wagon!   

I also updated our calendars.  I put stickers on for the next two months to designate who’s dish night it is.   The best Calendar you can buy???  The one sold on the Flylady site.  It has great big squares to write in.   Since there are 5 of us, I need alot of space.  I updated our Chore Schedule Form and put it online.   We have rotating chore lists that we do on Thursday Nights.   This has proven to work very well for us.   Everyone helps with the weekly cleaning and it is done in less than an hour!

So are you hoping to be more organized in 2006??   I did pretty good in 2005, but always are tweaking my routines a bit.  My biggest thing is to stay on the flylady wagon the entire year!!    If you are looking for some great websites to get you off on the right foot in 2006, check out the following!!  Some of my favorite!!  

My Control Journal/Fly Lady Stuff

Get Organized Now


Get Organized Now – Tip for the Day:   January 2 Store holiday linens, napkin rings, Christmas dishes, holiday music, etc. Label the box or container clearly so you can easily find what you need next holiday season.

5 thoughts on “Sleepless Night Put to Good Use…….

  1. I shredded our bills yesterday and cleaned out the bills drawer in my file cabinet. You have some great ideas, especially your monthly to do form. I may be borrowing that idea…in the form of a Honey-Do list for Rob.

  2. You sound very organized.  I too, love Flylady.  She has helped me a lot.  I especially love my control journal – the part where you keep all your phone numbers together and account numbers and all.  It helps a lot.  Now all I have to do is go to this one book.  I also do the thing where I keep all my bills in my notebook, along with envelopes and stamps.

    I swear by Flylady!  I have been cleaning out everything too!  Makes me feel so much better.  I do need to set up my desk drawer for 2006 however. 

    God bless you,


  3. Hi Jen,

    Hope you are feeling better and got your much needed rest. There are times I wish I could stay up late into the early morning hours and do what you did. Clean and declutter. But if I don’t get any sleep I’m sleeping some time during the day the next day. Your lists I will have to make use of. I really need to get back into making lists and fixing a calendar too. Great Ideas!! Thanks.

    Have a joyful Wednesday.

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