Hello – Yes, I am still alive!   My mother called last night to make sure I wasn’t in the hospital since I hadn’t blogged since Monday!  LOL!!   Once…I was in the ICU and I told hubby not to tell mom right away as she would worry too much.  See what I have created!!  I have just not really felt like being on the computer much. 

MONDAY – Day off of work and school for us all.  We just hung around home and relaxed. 

TUESDAY – Back to work and school for all of us!  I worked until about 6:30 and then went to weigh in at a center since our at work session didn’t happen this Monday due to the holiday.  I hadn’t weighed in since before the holidays so I NEEDED to know what the damage was.  We has some big parties and lots of treats and drinks!   I ate alot and didn’t count!  Bad, Jenny!   Since I last weighed in on 12/12 I gained 1.2 pounds.  I knew I had gained and actually I am happy with that amount of gain considering what I ate!   So hopefully I am now back on schedule and will be a good girl and count daily!  I have 10 pounds to go to lifetime!   That is my goal for 2006, I have to make Lifetime!   I should be able to lose 10 pounds in 12 months!

WEDNESDAY – Didn’t sleep well at all as I was annoyed at hubby and worried about my medical testing that happened on Wednesday.  I got up early and we head to Eagan to have my EGD done.  It is a scope put down your throat to look at your eshogus and stomach.   It really wasn’t bad at all since I had conscious sedation.  I don’t remember any of the procedure at all and they had a hard time waking me up.  Hey, I like my sleep!   Hubby took me home and I went to bed and slept until about 7:00pm.  So I slept the entire day away.  I got up in the evening and worked on work, work for about 2 hours and paid our household bills.  Then back to sleep for me…….

Oh yeah…the results of the EGD, I have erosion of the lining of my stomach and was put on two more meds for that.  ARGH…my goal is LESS Meds people!!!  I have to see the gastroenologist again in a month I think it was.  She wants to do another test where they go down your nose to measure acid levels.  ARGH!   YUCKY!!

THURSDAY – back to work again…no real side effects of the EGD except for a bit of a sore throat.   I spent all day Thursday working and setting up my tracking and organizational things for the upcoming year at work.   Then headed home and put supper in the oven and we all did our chores and got the house all cleaned up. 

FRIDAY – Working until only 5 tonight and then heading home!  Not much planned for tonight.  I think I might get groceries either tonight or tomorrow morning depending on when I am done walking at the mall. 

SATURDAY – Hubby and I are going to the Home and Landscaping show. 
SUNDAY – Church and cooking session with my friends at church. 

Get Organied Now Tip ____ January 6 Be sure you have YOU time scheduled on your calendar every single day this month–at least 30 minutes or more to do something you really love to do 


The Dreaded New Year Resolutions Post……I am still thinking about it!

The best commentary on the Bible is a person who puts it into practice. 

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