Good Morning…..two more days of work!  Then I am off.   I am hoping to put in maybe 20 hours next week from home, but otherwise just be home with the kids.  We will see how much work I get done in the next two days. 

I never realized how much my boys really do notice how other kids act.  I guess I didn’t realize they looked at them and knew it was wrong.   Josh was telling me yesterday all about what was wrong with today’s youth.  LOL!!   He said they have no respect or fear for their parents or the police.   I asked him why he thought that was….he said he thought parents don’t care or pay enough attention to what their children do.   He said he cared what I thought of what he did and he didn’t want me upset or disappointed.   It was interesting to hear it from his point of view.   At least he didn’t say I was too strick.  I do make sure I always know where my kids are and what they are doing.  At least I try to and I ask them all the time.   I have no problem calling their cell phones and checking in on them.

Erik too is starting to realize things.  He is seeing that Josh gets more freedom due to his good behavior.  Have your parents trust and get more freedom.  He still compares himself to others alot.  Like he said “at least I don’t flip off my parents or swear” like so and so.  Well so and so isn’t my child and that is never ever acceptable behavior!  Period!   I can not imagine ever having my child flip me off or swear at me.   In 18 years that has never happened with Josh nor has Erik ever done anything like that.  As mother that would break my heart to have my child ever treat me that disrespectful.   Of course my children have gotten mad at me, but I can’t imagine they would ever act in that manner.   They have just not been raised like that.  

I must say in the last few weeks I have seen a change in Erik.  He is doing very well and his attitude is changing.  Some of it I think it just everyone adjusting to the expectations in our home.   The poor grades are still there and I don’t anticipate much change there.   That will always be a struggle.  This is where hubby and I differ.   What I want most for Erik is for him to be a kind hearted person, hard worker, truthful, think of others and care about others feelings.   I really see moral issues as a bit more important in the long run.   As an adult his boss at work might say, Erik might take a bit to figure this out, but he is a good worker and a good person.  That is my hope.  My hope for my sons is that they will be described at “good guys”.   I already know I have succeeded in that with Josh.   He is a good kid and Erik is starting to realize things too as he tells me more and more things.   I am starting to see the shift in his thinking…

Today I am very grateful for my 3 sons and the opportunity to watch them to learn about life and become men I am proud of.    We need more “good guys” in the world.  Luckily for me, my hubby is a very good example for them. 

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