No classes at church tonight so it is a quiet evening at home for us.   Hubby is taking out the trash.  Erik is reading his book.  Tommy is working on writing sheets.   I am going to put away some laundry, load up a new computer game for Tommy and read my book for the evening.   Most evenings we try to have at least an hour of no TV or anything and work on quiet activities.  

Josh, Tommy and I went to the dentist this afternoon.   The boys had great check ups.  Neither one of them have ever had a cavity.  It is amazing considering Josh is nearly 18 and has never had a cavity.  I wish I could say the same for Erik.   Poor kid, I remember when I first met him he was getting his first cavity filled and he was only 3 or 4.  YIKES…..has had many more filled since then.  Not sure if it is brushing or genetics or what.    But luckily Tommy and Josh have never had to deal with that.   Tommy does have one extra baby tooth that will need to be removed around the time he is 6 years old.  Hopefully it will not be a traumatic experience for him.  I have two small cavities in between my very back teeth that need to be filled….DRATS!

Not much else going on in my exciting day…..have a great evening!  Chat at you tomorrow!

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  1. I’ve been told a lot of it is genetic.  I hope so ’cause I’ve been feeling pretty bad about my 7 year old having 5 cavities!  Yeah, that wasn’t a typo.  My second child’s teeth look perfect!  Go figure!  Maybe it’s because he has always sucked his thumb?  Who knows.  But yuck!!!


  2. I meant, maybe it’s because my first boy has always sucked his thumb.  *sigh*  It must be late.  We didn’t have any church activities (aka Awanas) tonight, either, and it was kinda nice!


  3. I think the whole tooth thing is genetic. One of my daughter’s is 12 and never had a cavity. The other is 10 and has had several small ones. I have awful teeth..full of nice silver fillings! My husband…maybe one or two in his life!!

    Still don’t like dental visits, even to this day!

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