Well the previous post I saw I had typed last night, but didn’t hit post.  Is that any clue about how my day went yesterday.   I made it all my appointments yesterday, which was a blessing.  On the way home I had an asthma attack while dirving.  I used my emergency albuteral and kept driving home.   I got to the turn off to the hospital, but I decded I would go home and nebulize and I would be fine.  I had already called my Dr. 

Got home used neb and wasn’t getting any better.   Talk to allergy nurse and she said call 911 and get to the hospital.   I had my son call hubby to see where he was.  He was turning onto our street so he got home and took me to the hospital.  Of course if you come in the ER with respiratory distress you get right in don’t stop at addmission.   They gave me some Predisone in an IV (160 mg) and the respiratory terapist saw me.  He was waiting and waiting for the pharmacy to send down a neb solution of Xopenex.  I said I brought my own meds in…could I just neb with my own xopenex??  I can’t believe how long it took to get the meds to the ER.  I used my own so I could breathe! 

The ER docs recommended a pulmonologist that is suppose to be very good.  I have been on predisone for 2 years and I seem to be getting dependent on it and can’t lower my dose without going into distress.   So I was only seeing an allergist to manage my asthma so I will be making an appointment with the pulmonologist.   If the ER folks say someone is a genious, that is the Dr I want to see.  I need to get my asthma under control and I don’t think my current Dr can do it. 

After I got back from the hospital, my hubby had to return to work until 10:00.  Josh was at work and I was home alone with Erik and Tommy.  Erik did his homework pretty good for me, but once downstairs took advantage of the fact that I couldn’t walk up and down the steps.   But I did go down when it was time to turn off lights.  He had lied about what he was doing when I called down to him earlier and I was not happy with him for taking advantage of me when I was sick.  I will let hubby deal with it. 

Off to see if I can get an appointment with the Pulmonoligst and need to check in with my allergist.  Later!

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  1. Asthma attacks are very scary!  My husband and son, Erik both have asthma and allergies.  I hope you are doing better now.  Have a nice weekend.  Hugs, Cissy

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