Work is crazy……deadlines loom.  End of the year right around the corner.  I am taking a break to complain about it and eat my popcorn darn it!    I still have alot of work to do tonight!   

I have three year end remodeling projects going on that have to be done by the end of the year!   That is how government funding works.  I have to keep calling the contractors to see if they are done.  I am talking huge projects!    One hasn’t even started!   ARGH!! but he assures me it will be done..

I had 25 messages when I got to work this morning the phone has been ringing all day…everyone needs something…NOW!  (Reminder to self – never be out of the office for two days at the end of the year.) 

Come January I need to start another huge project.  I will be part of setting up a new group home.  I did two of them about two years ago…what alot of work!  But they turned out great.  We are very proud of the programs. 

I need to make sure I have seen everyone on my caseload at least twice this year.   If not I will be doing a made dash for some visits.  I can’t even think about this until after my plans deadline which is the 15th!  One major project at a time, please!

Well my popcorn bag is empty and I need to get back to work.  It is about 6:00pm and I have 4 plans to write and 3 to revise before going home.   It will be a late night, no doubt!    

Later all…thanks for reading my vent/whining!    Everyone needs somewhere to whine I guess.    

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