I am so glad I got most of my Christmas shopping done early.  We are so busy!   I don’t know how that always happens, but it does.  

Let’s see….I did stop at Target and picked up snow boots for Erik and new dress pants for both Erik and Tommy for Christmas.  Ok…bear with me while I get on my soapbox here.   Both my hubby and I have tried very hard to teach and show our children the level of respect we believe church should receive.  That means we do not allow our children to show up at church in jeans and tennis shoes.   God deserves more effort and respect than that!  We do lighten up a bit with this in the summer, but the atmosphere of the church is also lighter.  I am ok with my boys wearing black jeans that look nice as well.  So are we crazy to feel this way??  

Now that I am thinking about it I think I will go back to Target and get another pair of dress pants for both Erik and Tommy.  They were on sale for 9.99 and they could use new Khaki’s as well.   These were even the adjustable waist kind that both my skinny boys need.  I don’t think I have to spend a lot of money on my kids clothes, just look like you care. 

 I only have a bit of Christmas shopping to do yet.  I have to buy hubby one more thing and get one last Blockbuster $5 gift card.  That will be it for me and I am done!  I picked up all the boys a new pair of Pj’s for Christmas today as well.  

Tomorrow I am off of work, but will be running around a lot.  I have to take and pick up Tommy from Preschool.  Erik had a Dr appointment.   My hubby has a Dr. Appointment as well and wants me to go with him.  I hadn’t planned on going ,but since he asked I will.  I would like to fit in an appointment with my chiropractor since I haven’t been there in while since my ribs were broke.   They seem to be better now.  I can even lay on my tummy for a little bit without too much pain,   Then tomorrow evening is Josh’s school conferences.    BUSY, BUSY……

Friday I am in Duluth all day……I hate that DRIVE!!!   I am listening to a pretty good book on tape so I should get that finished on Friday during the drive.  

Saturday will be spent getting ready for the party on Sunday.  I am having my 5th Annual Cookie Exchange Party at my house.   I will clean and bake on Saturday.  Sunday I will make cheese cake and all the goodies.   Hmmm…somewhere I am going to have to fit in getting groceries!  See what I mean….life is kicking up a notch in speed. 

Next week is not too bad so far…….additional things include, Tommy has a field trip on Tuesday for preschool so I had to switch around some Dr appointments.   Wednesday…church.   Thursday I have conflicting commitments, but Tommy’s preschool concert won out over Book Group….sorry guys!  

Friday is my work Holiday meal……..I can’t even remember where we are going.  Always somewhere nice…..Oh yeah…we are going to Buca di Beppo in St Paul.  I have never been there…I don’t think they have Happy Meals…so we wouldn’t go there normally!

Saturday……Our family Christmas Party at our house!  25-30 people at our house for Lasagna and all the trimmings to exchange and open presents.  

All this before Christmas is actually here!   I hope to take a few days off to recuperate at some point!  

Gotta Scoot…I am off to another meeting! 

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  1. I wear jeans if they’re dark and brand-new because they look dressy when you pair it with something pretty on top

    Re: potty-training — I had the same problem with my daughter, who’s toilet-trained during the day but wets her bed at night. Solution: reduce the liquids a few hours before bed time and get them to go potty one more time before bed time. It works and my daughter stays dry all night long!

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