Today is my day off…..and of course it is packed full!   Isn’t that how it usually goes?   Erik just went out the door for school so now I need to shower and get Tommy ready for Preschool.


  • Take Tommy to Preschool – Pick him up at 11:30 and take to daycare
  • Go to Target to Find Khaki Church Pants for Erik
  • Clean up around the house until Hubby get home around 12:00 – (He had a meeting he had to go to so he won’t be home until 1:00.)
  • Finish printing the last of my Christmas Newsletter
  • 12:30 – pick up Erik at school
  • 1:30 – Erik’s Dr Appointment
  • 4:00 – Hubby has Dr Appointment
  • Laundry and pick up more around the house in preparation for my party this weekend

0 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING

  1. I see you’re headed to Duluth tomorrow; I have to say I’m jealous.    I really miss it there.  We’re planning a vacation to MN in the spring though, so I can hold out until then!  Hope you got everything done!

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