YEAH it is FRIDAY!!!

Payday….paid bills this morning and broke again.  LOL!  Isn’t that how it always goes.  We are waiting for two checks to come in yet.  I need to buy Erik more pants.  He outgrew everything I bought in September already.   I bought two pairs of jeans out of my check last week.  He could use two more pairs yet.  I have a 10.00 off coupon for Old Navy, so you know where he will be getting pants from.   He wants two more pairs of Khaki pants.  I also have a 10:00 off coupon for Kohls that I need to use this weekend.   I am going to buy some necessities for myself.  Nothing exciting.  So I guess we will be hitting the mall this weekend. 

I need to get some groceries, but I haven’t worked on my menu or shopping list yet.   Hey…that reminds me of the great news….they are building an Aldi near my house!  YEAH!  So when that is done I won’t have to drive to Rice street every week.   Have to make that food money stretch!  

Sunday we are invited over to a house warming party at my nephews.  He bought his first house.   His roommate came over to our house to look at the electrical work we need done.  He thinks he can do all of it, but one thing will have to wait for spring as the ground is frozen.   And that was actually one of the items that was on my wish list not the NEED to get done list so that is fine!  He is working on a quote for the work and will let us know.  He ball parked it last night and it will be manageable I think.  

Last night Amy, Tommy and I wrapped up all the Christmas books.  Tommy was excited to unwrap the first one and read it.  Tommy, Erik and I all crawled into my bed and read the first Christmas story. Only 23 more to go until presents!  What a fun way to count down the days to Christmas. 

My goal for this weekend is to get my Christmas newsletter updated and printed.  I want to mail all my cards out on Monday.   I still need to scan our family picture to share with you all.  It really turned out nice this year. 

Enough rambling for now….gotta scoot!

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