Can you believe it is Thursday already??  This week has been flying by.  I have been working alot.   Tonight I will be home early and that will be nice.  I think hubby will be gone most of tonight at church for a meeting, if he goes. 

Supper tonight is already marinating in the fridge.  I have Teriyaki chicken breast and a Ranch Pasta Salad made too.  All I need to do yet is make a veggie and supper is done.  

Tonight the electrician is coming to see what he can do for us.  I hope he is reasonable.  He is the roommate of my nephew so hopefully he will be easy on us.  We have a few things that *have to be done so we can move the computers to the basement and switch the boy’s rooms around.  

Last night I had started reading the Advent book I bought for Tommy and I to do.  The stories are a bit above him so we will have to wait a few years for that one.  It didn’t hold his attention much.  It is the Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas Treasury.  It has a story for each day until Christmas.   But this morning I was reading HeartWomb’s blog and she has the most fabulous idea for a Christmas Book Advent.   So tonight I will be wrapping 24 Christmas books up and we will unwrap and read one each night until Christmas.  What a great Tradition to start with my little one.   I am going to buy some additional Christmas Books later in the year for the project, but I did count and I currently have over 24 Christmas books right now.   Some are board books and won’t be one I will want to keep much longer.    It is so great when other share their traditions.   I love making this time about family togetherness and our traditions.   That is why I get my shopping out of the way so early so we can enjoy our activities in December!  

Gotta scoot!

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  1. I hear you!  I’m so glad I’m done early this year but am having trouble with getting all the kids to sit still at once!  Ha!  Mine are still so young, though.  Guess there will be time enough for more traditions!


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