Hello –  I am feeling better and getting back on schedule again.  We have a such a busy family, work and church life that I have to stay on schedule to keep my head above water it seems. 

I can’t believe it is almost December!  YIKES!!   I am trying to cut back a bit on holiday things this year.  I am forgoing the annual secret Santa event at work.  I want to have time for other things.  I will do the section potluck and unit luncheon in December for work, but that is it.  At home I am keeping things about the same.   I will have my 5th Annual Cookies Exchange with my friends at my house.  I will also host Coyan Christmas for about 25 people or so at our house. 

Hubby and I kicked off the holiday season on Saturday by going to the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Concert.   It was pretty good, but I still prefer Trans-Siberian Orchestra.    Then we put up our Christmas Tree and decorated the living room.  I will post pictures later!   Tommy loves to turn out the lights and sit and look at the tree.  We used to do that with him when he was a baby every night. 

Today our Family Pictures for the year came in.  I had Christmas cards made this year.  So this weekend I will be updating our Christmas newsletter and getting that into the mail this weekend.  I have almost all my presents bought and mostly wrapped.  I still need to find something for my hubby and Freedom has been out of gas cards for weeks.  I need to buy one for my In-laws.   So things are moving along nicely.  

This weekend I might take Erik and Tommy to do their Christmas Shopping.   I might just take one of them this weekend and one next weekend. We will see how it goes.  Tommy seems to be coming down with something.  He has a real croupy cough. 

I actually went shopping for myself after Thanksgiving.  I bought myself some new pants for work.  I am officially down one pant size!!  YES!!  Yep, that means a single digit size, baby!  I am so happy about that.   I might drop one more size so I only bought a one pair of pants.   I hope to maintain my weight loss over the holiday season.  We do alot of entertaining and going to parties, so this will be a challenge! 

Work is extremely busy.  I am working late tonight.  Hopefully I will work very late and get a lot done.   I wasn’t able to work late last night since hubby had to.  I don’t like to make Josh watch the boys all night and have to do homework with Erik, etc.  It is a lot to do.   SO I was home to do that…we had a great night and Erik was really good for me.   Things are going much better since hubby had a talk with him.  We are all on the same page now and aware of what was and is going on. 

I did get the baby blanket done last night for the baby shower.  I took a picture of it Kelios so I will post that later!  It turned out nice….and easy to make! 

I went to the asthma Dr yesterday and got lectured.   He was not happy with me.  BLAH, BLAH, Blah….I always get the inhaler compliance lecture.  I am great at taking my pills, but forget my inhalers.   I am back up on my predisone again and trying to decrease again.   He referred me to the Ophthalmologist and Endocrinologist to have them check me out to ensure there is no damage due to my prolong use of predisone.  Blah..Blah..Blah….Pills are easy to remember.  Each week I set up mine and Erik’s meds for the week and neither of us every miss a dose.  I wish the inhalers were easier to remember.  I did use them this morning already.   Be happy Dr Sigford!

Well time to get busy….have a great day!

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  1. Hey, Jenn.  I understand about forgetting the inhaler.  I always seem to have a tough time remembering Johnny’s neb.  I don’t know why.

    Hope you have a wonderful day!  Love,  Suzanne 

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