Always An Adventure……………

I am getting ready to leave the office to head to Hastings for meeting.  My friend and dear sweet co-worker calls me and asks me if I bought the cake.  What cake??  The one I was going to get for the baby shower tomorrow.   I am sure I didn’t agree to do this….but I agree to take care of it after much whining.   How hard can it be to find a cake at 7:30 at night for the next morning??  No luck at the first two stores….  So I call my boss at home, maybe she got a cake!  Nope!  ARGH!!   It was a bit of an adventure, but I finally went to Sam’s in Eagan and found a cake and the nice lady there said, “SUre it looks like a cake for a baby shower”..LOL!!   And she stuck on some baby things…LOL!  

So that adventure took an hour of my evening when I was suppose to be working.   I just finished eating my supper and now I am going to get some paperwork done. 

Hubby left me an email stating my parents are without electricity in South Dakota still.  They have a generator and have the TV and two lamps going.   I hope they will be ok…please pray for them!   The first night they had no heat due to the storms and it was pretty cold I guess. 

Also on Thursday my nephew’s roommate (the electrician) is coming over to see what he can do for us.  We need alot of electrical work done.  Our house is pretty old.  It will be nice to get it done before the holidays, if he can swing it.   Then we will be moving bedrooms around.   Lots of work!

Gee…I still have to go home and make a salad for the shower tomorrow.  It will be a late night tonight!  Good thing I finished making the baby gift last night.

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