Another Monday is upon us….I am feeling pretty rested and ready to conquer my desk of junk to do!    I was planning on working late tonight, but won’t be able to due to the storm that will be moving in this evening.  I don’t want to be out at 10:00 in a storm.  So I think I will come home after my Dr appointment and work from the warmth of my bed for a few hours this evening.  

Before leaving for work I need to shower and get some laundry folded.  Our Christmas Tree is all up and decorated.   I haven’t caught the holiday feeling yet….hopefully soon.   My annual cookie exchange is coming up so that should help.   Great to have all my friends over.  I have 11 ladies participating I believe.   One of my friends is at the end of her pregnancy and will not be able to come.  She is having a very rough time of it.  We are having her baby shower at work on Wednesday.  I don’t have her gift done.  I am going to need to go buy fabric and make it tonight I guess.  Never enough hours in the day!

It is after Thanksgiving weigh in at Weight Watchers today….wish me luck.   I am just hoping to have maintained.   I am off to shower and get going….have a great day!

Check protected posts for later today or week……been meaning to write one!  Life has just been too hectic!

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