I am ready to crawl into bed….but alas that isn’t possible.  I have to still fold a load of laundry and wash dishes.   Hubby and I went out last night to the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Concert so were up later than usual.   Seems to be catching up with me tonight.   I sure wish I could say I feel rested after this vacation, but being sick most of it really didn’t help.  

Today after church, I went to get groceries and then we set up our Christmas tree and decorated.  It looks nice…..seems there is a storm heading our way.  I got two calls from South Dakota tonight tell us about it.  They are experiencing it now! 

Tomorrow is my late night to work.  I also have an appointment with my asthma Dr.  that should be fun….NOT!   I have weigh in tomorrow…I am hoping to have maintained at least over the Thanksgiving holiday…we will see.  I never can tell how I will do…but I realy did try to eat sensibly over the vacation.

Ok…I can’t avoid the dishes and laundry any longer….LATER!!!

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