Home from work early…but didn’t accomplish too much.   Took Erik to the mall and bought him a new jacket, stocking hat and two pairs of jeans.  He is going through a growth spurt.  I bought him 5 new pairs of pants in September when school started and they are getting too short!    So I bought two more in the next size up.  I will have to buy a few more next pay period.   He really enjoys picking out his clothes….it is funny. 

Then we came home and hung out until Dad came home.   Hubby went out to buy us supper since I was so tired!   I just couldn’t make supper tonight.  I relaxed a bit and then made my cookie dough for tomorrow!  We are baking Christmas cookies at church tomorrow.  I think here is about 12 of us baking.   I made a new recipe – Cherry Chocolate Blossoms.   They look yummy and very festive.   I hope to get alot of baking done this year since Tommy is older.  

   The news tonight said the packages the bomb squad found at my office were nothing.   The thing behind pizza hut was a backpack and also not a danger.   That is all good! 

About time to call it a night.  I think I will get Tommy upstairs and head to bed.   Have a great night.

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