Well I ended up being home from work early today.   I got to work around 10:00 and as I was walking into the building (govt. building), I noticed a wrapped xmas present by the door on the newspaper stand.   I went over and looked at it and thought…that is odd.   Did I report it to security???  Nope…didn’t think too much of it. 

About an hour later we are told there is possible bomb found and they moved us to the other side of the building.  After about 45 minutes, they said we had to evacuate the building.   Outside there is the FBI, bomb squad, fire trucks and police everywhere.   OOPS….note to self….report any package!!  Did you forget what world we are now living in???  Your not in South Dakota anymore Dorothy! 

So a group of my friends get in my van and we go to eat.   At the restaurant we are sitting next to some cops who we ask if they know if we can go back to work.  They call in and say the building is still not cleared.  Over 3 hours of my work day gone already. ARGH!!   We go back and they let us in the building but tell us to search our areas for suspisicios packages. 

OH yeah..and on our way back to the building we see the bomb squad and all the other emergency vehicles are now behind Pizza Hut.  Another suspicious package found.  I heard there was another one earlier in the morning before our building all with the same message on them.   I won’t share what the message was since I saw the package first hand and not sure what is being said to the public.   I will have to watch the news tonight. 

So I got to the office and grab my laptop and decide that there is too much going on in that part of the city today so I came home!    Thankfully I am one of those employees that is able to work from home.  

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