MONDAY is here again.  But at least it is Halloween!!   HAPPY HALLOWEEN.   Josh was busy making dummy’s last night for the yard and setting up the sound system and strobe lights for Halloween.    We always have fun with Halloween.   Erik is very excited that he is a part of it this year.   I didn’t wear my costume to the Hallelujah festival last night since Tommy decided to be a pirate instead of Shrek.  Now tonight he wants to be a skeleton instead of Shrek.   OH well………

I have my last appointment today at 1:00 so I will be home after that one.  We hope to eat quickly and take Tommy out to trick or treat.   Erik will be able to go with his friends for a bit.  He has alot of homework.   Over the weekend the math teacher sent home his grade sheet and he was suppose to complete his missing assignments.   So we will have to work on those on Monday and Tuesday in addition to his other homework.  YIKES! 

NOt too much else going on….I am off to work.  Have a great day!

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