Just got home from church.  I helped set up for the Hallelujah Festival.   I have about an hour before it starts.  Tommy can’t wait to go.   I am not sure if we are both dressing up or only Tommy.  We will see what he decided.  I had planned super for tonight, but I didn’t know supper was supplied at church so we will be eating there instead.  I haven’t cooked a meal all weekend…..AAAAAH….so nice. 

Hubby made brunch for us when we got home from church.   I hurt my ribs the other day and they really hurt.   Erik wasn’t at church this morning so we didn’t get to talk to him to see how homework was going.   He will be disappointed that he missed the Hallelujah Festival as well.   Josh might be going with us after he get home from work.  He works until 5:00. 

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