Good Morning…..Last night we turned our clocks back by one hour, but of course I got up at the same time as always.  But it did give me an extra hour to get things done before church.   I was able to brown and package 4 pounds of hamburger for future meals.  I also updated my freezer inventory and menu. 

 FREEZER INVENTORY – This take some effort to keep up, but well worth it.  I keep an inventory of each of our freezers, which really helps with meal planning and using up our food.   I have an inventory for my upstairs freezer, where I keep more of my cooked meats for future meals.  I have a separate one for the downstairs freezer which has all the other meat and prepared meals.   The key is to remember to cross off items as you use them. 

Now I am off to take a shower and get ready for church.  Have a great day!

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