AAAh… quiet time.  Everyone is busy…..hubby in on his computer working on the church website.   Josh, Kyle, Amy and another teen are working on making Halloween Dummies.  Tommy is helping them still.   I suppose most of the Halloween Decorations will be up by tomorrow.   Me… work in done for the evening and I am going to take a hot bath and read.

Since getting up from nap we played Tommy’s new Pirate Treasure Board Game with him.  He liked it!   Then we had a quick supper.   I cut up the vacuum sealed the Cooked, chopped chicken.   All I have left for cooking that I want to get done is 4 pounds of hamburger and make a weight watchers veggie soup to freeze for my lunches.  I have done about 4 loads of laundry today as well.  I have more to do tomorrow.  

We are at church alot tomorrow so not as much time at home.   Hmm….I want to be able to get a nap in tomorrow as well.   Well my hot bath and book are calling me…have a great night!

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