YIKES…..school conferences time.   I have notices for meetings flying into my mailbox.  Every parent wants me to attend their child’s conference.  Yikes…with over 60 cases, that isn’t going to happen.  I guess it will have to be a first come basis.   Of course most parents have evening conferences so that means I am going to be working a lot of evenings.   I hate this time of year!   I am soooooo incredibly busy.   Of course my hubby asks me to send all these emails regarding Erik’s school work.  Then he asked me to send another email and I flat out refused.   Some things he needs to take care of on his own.   I don’t want to be involved.  He says he is too busy at work to do it….hmmm…me too!  But of course I honor most of his requests of me….honor thy husband.

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  1. I agree on the first-come, first-serve thing. Sometimes you just have to say “sorry, I can’t!”! Let me know how “The Pact: A Love Story” turns out. I love Jodi Picoulet!

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