I have accomplished alot since getting off work today.  That feels great.  Of course my wonderful hubby is helping.  I appreciate that the most.  He is great!   After work I went to Aldi and Cub Foods.  Over my lunch break I had stopped at Target and The Dollar Tree.   I stayed within my budget and I bought 18 pounds of chicken breasts.  WOW!  


  • Purchase crackers and snacks at Dollar Store (they have the equivalent of goldfish crackers and Teddy Grahams for only a $1.00 – Larger box than the grocery store too!)

  • Buy Christmas Gift Wrap at Dollar store now when it first comes out. 

  • Stock up on meat when on sale – WisconsinMomof2 mentioned that sales runabout every 8 weeks.  So I stock up on enough to last about 8 weeks.  Today I got 2 pounds of boneless skinless chicken for $3.99.  

  • Shop Aldi first…then pick up sale items or items not carried at Aldi from store with the best sale items – Cub Foods this week.

I had budgeted 140.00 for groceries since I didn’t buy any last week and was very low on many items.   I only spent 120.00 and that included buying 18 pounds of chicken and a ham.  I am pretty happy with that. 

Once I got home we put away the groceries and decided to defrost the large freezer downstairs.  Erik and Josh have both left the door open and it was so frosted.   We are about done with defrosting it.   We borrowed a couple of ice chest from the neighbors.   hubby got everything out of the freezer for me while I was eating supper.   When we put the food back in I will update our freezer inventory form too.    This will be great to have this organized again.   It is great to have a major project out of the way on Friday night!

Once I am done with this I am heading to bed to read my new magazine!!   Thanks to FireWifeMom I  picked up the new Rachel Rae magazine!  I can’t wait to read it!


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