MONDAY… did the weekend flew by.  It always does when your so busy.   And with all the birthday parties we were very busy.  


My parents went to church with us.  Erik had slept over at a friends house so he was VERY tired in church.   After church my parents took us out for lunch.  I was so happy for that as I was so tired, I couldn’t have made something.    We came back and visited for a bit and got Erik going on homework.   FUn…FUn…Fun…..

Then I tried to take a nap with Tommy.   I never did fall asleep as the phone kept ringing.  I rested on the heating pad (back was hurting) and read my book for a while.    Then Hubby and I did laundry most of the late afternoon and evening.   I have plenty to put away this morning before going to work.    I hope to switch the laundry around before I leave for work as well.   I need to stay on top of it so I don’t have a ton to do next weekend.   I want to really do nothing next weekend!  

We headed to bed around 9:30 and read a few Halloween books.  Tommy had a great time!


Monday….back to work.   I was actually up early this morning thinking I was late for work….OOOOPS!    So I have time to type before I go to work.   I have to work late tonight so I won’t be home until after 7:00.   I hope to get alot of things accomplished at work.  I have weight in at Weight Watchers….Hm….sure ate alot on Saturday so I hope to have just maintained.  


Monday – working until at least 7:00 – Weight Watchers

Tuesday – working until 6:00 than have book group.   We are discussing the book House of Spirits and Whispers.  The author of the book will be coming to our group to discuss the book with us. 

Wednesday – Work until 4:00 or from home…not sure yet!   Hubby and I have church at 6:00.  Josh has guide huddle and Erik doesn’t have church.  I am going to have to find somewhere for him to stay while we are at church. 

Thursday – Working a normal day – nothing planned

Friday – working a normal day – nothing much planned. 

WEEKEND – RELAX – Erik is at his Mom’s and Josh is working and going to his Dad’s for a bit.   If it is nice I hope to go to the Apple orchard with Tommy and get a Pumpkin for Halloween. 

SUPPER – Hubby’s Choice – he is cooking since I am working late

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