Well the plans for the birthday party are going well.  Most everything is done excpet for cleaning.   I am one of those goofy moms that love halloween and dressing up with the kids.   So tomorrow Tommy and I will both dressing up like pirates.  LOL!!  He made me put my costume on tonight and wanted me to wear it all night.  I am not *that fun of a mom.   LOL!!   For Halloween he is going to be Shrek and I will be Fionna.   So we have our costumes all ready to go.    I will post pictures from the party tomorrow!  Stay tuned!!

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  1. LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!! You’re going to dress up for the party, that’s great!!!!!

    Sorry I’ve been MIA, you know what it’s like with the little one (now 4 mos) and the older one, too… Know that I am thinking about you guys, hope your party goes well! Happy Birthday, Tommy!!!!

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