Good Morning….


Sunday – we went to church.  Tommy has been having trouble staying in his classroom so I went with him.  They go downstairs for music and he said he was scared of that so I went with him.   I missed over 1/2 of the service, but he did stay in Sunday School.  Hopefully each week will get better.    Then we came home and I made scrambled eggs and oatmeal for brunch.   After our brunch, Tommy and I took a nice long nap.  AAAAH…..

After nap I got up and went through all my clothes.  I took two bags of stuff to Goodwill.  I  got rid of alot of summer clothes.  I am still looking for a pair of black boots to wear with skirts.   I found a pair at Goodwill, but not my size   I found some at Marshall’s but 99.99 was too much.   I will continue to look around and see what I find.   I did see a cute purse at Target I am going to pick up today that is on sale for $12.99.  That is within my fun money budget.    I need to buy about 4 pairs of dress pants for work.  I will probably get those at Kohl’s.  They didn’t have my size in stock last week. 

I almost finished my book last night.  I was able to get alot of reading in this weekend.  Gotta love that!


Work….I will work until late.   I have one homevisit this morning with a public health nurse as well.  Then I have weigh in at Weight Watchers and I think I have lost a bit of weight.  Any little bit will be appreciated!    I did pretty good all weekend, except for the cookies hubby made.  

SUPPER:  Hubby’s Choice

TOMORROW – Work and Hubby signed us up for a seminar at church on saving for retirement.   So I will probably go to that with him.   Not much else planned so far.  

I am off to curl my hair and get to work….Have a great day!

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