AAAAHH….it is so quiet here.  The teens (Josh, Amy and Charlie) are downstairs watching a movie.   Charlie is spending the night.    Tommy is in the tub playing….hubby is working on the church website.    The TV has been off most of the day….I love that!  I enjoy the quiet so much.     I have taken it fairly easy today.  I did a couple of loads of laundry, ran errands, made baptism lambs for church, wrote a letter to my sister and browned 5 pounds of hamburger.    I did read for about an hour over naptime and am heading to read again for about an hour before bed time.    I have to run and switch laundry around one more time though. 

Tomorrow I hope to go through my clothes and get my summer things put away.   I worked on Erik’s clothes a bit on Friday and will need to finish that tomorrow as well.   I dislike the changing of seasons and switching clothes around.   I am sure I will find plenty to donate as well.      

Have a great evening….

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