Morning….Tommy woke up at 5:00 not feeling well.  He was crying his tummy hurt.  So hubby got up with him and gave him some crackers to eat and juice.   That didn’t help and he is still not feeling well.   So I guess that changes my plans for today.   I was suppose to work today and I had 3 home visits scheduled.   I will have to cancel them as I need to stay home with Tommy.   I think he might have what I had on Wednesday.   Poor Little Guy.


Care for Tommy – do a few things around the house.   I need to call and schedule Tommy’s preschool screening for Kindergarten.  I also need to do my menu and shopping list for the week.    Tommy seems to just want to lay on the couch. 

Have a great day! 

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  1. Hi Jen..Hope everyone is feeling better. I felt the flu coming on the past couple of days. But I seem to be better today. Hope you get all your work done so you can enjoy the weekend. Take care…get some rest and have a great Friday evening. God Bless

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