I didn’t get much done yesterday.  I wasn’t feeling very well.   I did manage to finish my book    Never too sick to read.   Hubby and I didn’t go to church since I wasn’t feeling very well.   We all went to bed early.


TODAY –   I still woke up not feeling very well today.   I thought of not going to work, but I have too much to do.    So I will muddle through the day.  I only have two days left and then I can rest for the weekend. 

Hubby was annoying me this morning so I pretty crabby.   He forgets everything and it gets so frustrating.  It is my job to remind him of everything he needs to know.  When he didn’t do something it is because I reminded him at the wrong time.  ARGH!!   Gee even if I reminded 5 times at the wrong time you would think it might get done.   Having three kids and a full-time job is enough for me to remember most days. 

Today on the agenda is taking Tommy to preschool and then head to work for unit meeting.   After of course I fill my own tires with air.   I have one homevisit this afternoon and then I am coming home.  Tonight is chore night and the kids get their allowance if they have their stuff done.  I need to make out our menu and shopping list for the week. 

TOMORROW :  FRIDAY….YEAH!!   I have three homevisits on Friday and the last one of the day isn’t until 6:00 so it will be a late night.  I really am looking forward to the weekend and not having to do homework all weekend.  I am looking forward to a quiet weekend.  My SIL mentioned maybe taking Tommy overnight on Friday night.  So maybe I will get a good night sleep.  I could use that. 

 I won’t be able to get groceries until Saturday morning since I have to work late on Friday.   Friday is payday so I have to wait for $$ to get groceries.  So Saturday morning will be groceries and library.   

I better get ready for work since I have to stop at the gas station after dropping off Tommy.  I can’t be late for Unit meeting, which I probably will be.  


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