TUESDAY – the trip to Duluth was long.  It was downpour of rain all the way there and back.  I didn’t stop at the outlet mall since it was raining so hard and I didn’t want to drive in the dark with all the rain.    I am going to Duluth again in December so I will try and stop then.   I have to go another time Jan. 3rd.   I do not enjoy the trips up there….ARGH…but I did finish a book on tape!  

BOOK ON TAPE : BAKER TOWER – Jennifer Haigh – 4/5


Erik was suppose to stay after for extra help at school. He didn’t, not sure what happened I am waiting to hear from the teacher.   We had to run back to the school to get homework and were late for church.   Mom and Dad not happy campers.  

We started out first official Alpha class.   It was ok.   We had small group and we have a nice small group.   Our neighbor said a very nice thing about why he and his family started coming to our church.  They felt Josh was such a good example, attending church, etc that they wanted their children to be a part of the program at our church.   They are very nice family!   It will be nice being in the small group with them. 

Then we came home and Erik had homework to do.  He had three assignments, but the one took him over an hour.   So he only got one done so far. 

Tommy worked on his letters before bed and got them all right!  Yeah Tommy…we will be adding more letters soon.  He knows them all the way up to J.   He asks to do his letters all the time. 

Josh has a job interview on Friday at Limited.   He is also having a bonfire after the homecoming game with his friends here at the house. 

TODAY – I am working from home.  I have alot of running to do in between working.  Tommy goes to preschool this morning.  I will also pick him up from preschool since I am home.  Then I have to get Erik from school as he has a Dr. appointment.   Another Busy, busy day….

Yesterday I could really feel my stress level increase at work.  The workload is getting very heavy right now and will be crazy until the end of the year.   I hope to stay healthy through out this busy season.  I was really sick the last two years.   Stress does that to me.  I think I will probably be doing some work over the weekend this week.   I can’t fall behind right now.  

A social worker resigned at work yesterday.  I am glad it wasn’t in our unit as I would not want to have to absorb some ones caseload. 

Erik was up this morning and his dad had him working on some more homework before school.  He got one more assignment done.   Now he only has one to do for Language Arts that is due today. 

SUPPER:  Easy Cheeseburger Pie/ Salad

TOMORROW:   I am working from the office tomorrow.  I will hopefully pick up groceries on the way home from work.   I have two more home visits on Friday to write budgets.  So I will have plenty to work on over the weekend.   Luckily the book for book group in October is very short!    I am still working on finishing East of Eden, but have a ways to go.   This week is sure flying by!    As a matter of fact…the entire month of September flew by!!!  I can’t believe it is October already!  

WEEKEND:   If I can get things done I hope to put my truck op for sale at the Owner to Owner car lot this weekend.  I did find a car at the Honda dealership I want to test drive.  I would like to try the Honda Civic and see what I think.  It gets over 30 MPG.   

Hope everyone is having a great week!   I am off to get a few things done before I have to pick Tommy up from preschool.  

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