Morning…It is Friday YEAH!!!    I am soooo happy for it to be the last day of work.  Though I will have to work a bit over the weekend.  


I didn’t get much work done.  I had a lot of running around to do.   I took and picked up Tommy from preschool.  While he was at preschool I paid bills/budget and made my menu and shopping list.   Once I picked up Tom and took him to daycare, I had to pick up Erik at school for his Dr appointment.   They increased his meds, but that won’t take place for a few weeks since we have meds on hand.  

I took Josh and Erik to get haircuts.  Josh has a job interview on Friday so needed a trim.   He is applying at the Limited and might work there and at Old Navy, since Old Navy doesn’t give him hardly any hours he needs to work at two places.    

Then Erik got in huge trouble with hubby about homework.   I just quietly stood by and made supper.   YIKES!   So Erik is grounded by his father.   I try to stay out of these things.  This is a huge bummer for Erik since it is homecoming tonight and he won’t be able to go to the game with Josh.  Josh is taking our niece Chelsea though.   She is the same age as Erik.  

Tommy worked on letters last night and we added 6 new letters last night.  He already knows them all!   I think we will be done with learning the letters names before Thanksgiving.    I also printed out some cutting templates and worked on cutting with Tommy.   I think his fine motor skills need work, so we will be working on writing and cutting as well.   I found out at preschool Tommy is working on the computer on Kindergarten games….so we will probably add Kindergarten games to his computer.  I didn’t think he was ready for kindergarten stuff, but the preschool teacher said he is.   Which of course has me more concerned since he has another year of preschool after this year before he can start Kindergarten.   We are still leaning towards private school for Kindergarten so he can have full day kindergarten.   We only want what is best for him!  I don’t think you can ever do too much early education!   This early investment always pays off!   It sure did with Josh. 


Busy working at the office.  Waiting for Social Security to call me for a phone interview .  After that I will try to get groceries before heading home.  It might be a late supper tonight.   ARGH!!

I purchased a surprise for my hubby today.   How we work money around our house is each of us (hubby and I ) get between 50 and 75 dollars a week that is our to spend as you care to.   I buy clothes, books, diet Mt Dew (my vice) and pay my weekly weight watchers.   Hubby uses his for eating lunch out at work, cigs and beer.  His vices!  LOL!!   I generally do not spend my money each week as I  am NOT a shopper.  So today I bought through my work two tickets to Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Concert with my money from last week.   So hubby and I have a date to look forward to and it is even on a low kid weekend!   So I just have a to find a sitter for Tommy.    But now I have to save up my fun money for a few weeks as I need new pants for work and I would like to buy a new pair of boots.   This system has worked very well for us as the other person can’t complain how the other spends their fun money.   But you don’t get any extra…when it is gone…it is gone!   Hubby frequently runs out…LOL!! 

SUPPER TONIGHT:   Breaded Pork Chops/ Biscuits/ Veggie


This morning I didn’t have any plans for the weekend, but now things are popping up.   Hubby wants to take my truck to the owner  to owner car lot to sell on Saturday.   So we will have to be available for test drives all Saturday.  This morning my SIL asked if I wanted to go out this weekend and I jumped at that!  We are going to the movie and having drinks and appetizers somewhere!  YEAH!!   And Sunday we have church and Sunday School.  Hubby and maybe Josh might got to the church Saturday morning and help install the new playground for the school. 

READING – East Of Eden – Steinbeck
LISTENING TO – The Shadow of the Wind -Carlos Ruiz Zafron 

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