I love my blazer….but we have come to the conclusion that I have to sell it and get an economy car due to my employment.   I drive at least 400 miles a month just for work and the gas for the blazer is killing me.   And those 400 miles don’t include to and from work/Office.    So looks like I will be moving back to a smaller car.  I am looking at the Toyota Echo or something like that.   I will miss my SUV, but it is common sense to buy a car that will save us alot more money.  DRATS!  Gotta save money where we can.

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  1. Hafa Adai: I’m sorry to hear about your SUV. I, too am looking at buying an SUV but don’t want to start paying for a car while mine is still driveable….However I did find out that there are some SUV like the Nissan Xterra..that is V4 engine rather than a V6 or a V8 engine that consumes alot of gas. Hope you find an econmomically efficient ride. Blessings………Anita

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