Well we signed a purchase agreement on a different van.   I am way freaked out about it, since it will be a little tight to fit the payment into our monthly budget.  But we really have no choice.   My hubby is driving a 13 year old GEO that has a loud clunking sound when you turn and I just junked our van for $125.00.   It is time for a new vehicle.  I just wish it could have waited a little longer as I still have a few payments on my truck.   Hopefully this van will last a long time!    I put so much into our last one before the engine seized.    So I am out a lot of money because of that.

Today hubby will meet me at the bank to sign the loan papers and we will be proud owners of a 2002 Honda Odyssey.   It has pretty low miles so we hope it will last a long time to cart our children around. 

We are still looking around for a good vehicle for Josh.    Have not been able to find one within his budget yet.  We will go to the owner to owner car lot this weekend and hopefully find something good for him. 

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  1. Oh nice van!  I love new cars!!  😉  I would love to have a mini van.  Hope the payments work out ok in  your budget, we only have 6 months before our car is payed off, yeah! 😉  Have a great day!

  2. Hafa Adai:   Love the van !  That’s what I need too…I’m hoping to get a minivan sometime next year…Our car is begining to make noises…but it has been very good to me…and it’s paid off.   May the Lord bless your van with healthy years.    Blessings……….Anita

  3. Hey, I just want to say that I hope I can be half the wife and someday mother that you are. You are such a blessing! I love to read your site, and get ideas on how to be more organized. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to updating the site.

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