I finally have a moment to sit and relax.   It has been a busy morning.  I am working from home today,  but took the morning to get groceries.  I am going to pick up a bit and then work on some reports for work this afternoon.  I have to pick up Tommy early from daycare as my SIL has an appointment.   


I slept in a bit.  I got the boys off to school and then paid bills and worked on our budget until Tommy woke up.  All bills were paid and I was able to save 200.00 to future bills (specifically van repairs).    I took Tommy to daycare and then I came home to get my grocery list done.   I used some of the MenuMoms recipes to plan next weeks menu.   I am challenging myself for the next two weeks to try and eat out of our freezer or food we have at home here.   My freezer is pretty full.   That should help to save up a bit of money to pay for the van repairs.  I have a tow truck coming to take it to the service station in a few minutes.  I am hoping it isn’t too expensive of a repair.   ARGH….it is always one of the vehicles needing repairs. 

Tonight we are invited to my neighbors for a fish fry.  So we will be there most of the evening.  It should be fun.  Tommy loves playing with Noah their son.   Josh and the girls are going to the football game tonight.  Erik was upset about that since he is going to his mom’s and can’t go with Josh and them.   Josh is going to his Dad’s tomorrow afternoon.


Library day is tomorrow.    We don’t have much else planned for the day.   I was thinking about getting some paint, but I will need to wait until I find out how much the van repairs will cost.  I will probably just do some fall cleaning in the living room tomorrow and read a bit of course. 

SUPPER:  Mexican Dip and Chips (for Josh, Amy and Emma)

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